Our traditional box orders are for those individuals who are dedicated to picking up their shares on a weekly / regular basis.  Members simply fill out our online weekly order form, which allows you to also make your weekly share payment.  Your order is then filled and delivered to your preferred delivery site each week.  Your needs may fluctuate week-to-week in terms of quantity, so please be sure to add any special requests in the comments section of your weekly order form.
If you are ready to join, feel free to fill out our membership
form here and start your sharing today!

Interested in more information? Fill out the form below to connect with us, and write in "box orders" for your subject line.

Private Markets are for those individuals and families living in either Section 8, HUD, or income-based locations, AND for those living in food deserts (areas where no other food market or grocery is available).  In this case, our grower's bring all ordered produce for the whole week to a specific location.  At that location, individuals take what they need, and pay for their share in an envelope located at the end of the market table.  Each member is required to bring own container, for both eggs and produce, with their name clearly labeled.


If you are interested in participating in a Private Market in your community, please fill out the form below to connect with us, and write in "private market" for your subject line.


We often offer to present our CSA model to a number of business, community centers, living areas, and other spaces in our community that may want to learn more about our model.  If you are interested in participating, learning more, or would like to have us present at a location near you, please fill out the form below to connect with us, and write in "presentations" for your subject line.

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